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Monday, February 27, 2012


Red Raven Gallery presents Burst
New painted works 
by Jaime Foster
“Originally from the Midwest, and after moving to the Pacific Northwest and being
surrounded by incredible beauty, nature has become my vehicle for creation. My work is inspired by natural formations and driven by deep emotion. When creating my mixed media work, I enter an explorative state; emotions immerse and are mapped with organic formations. I collage with fragments of paper, drawing, painting and staining with ink have become my method for steering memories and imagination through osmosis.”
 Jaime's work is a wonder to behold and must be seen in person 
to truly appreciate it's magnitude.

Jaime began her art career painting a series of doors with heavy emotional context. She uses collage, artifacts, acrylics, wood, clay, and various forms of media to present conflict in a series of stunning visuals. Frequent topics of her work revolve around human interaction with the natural world, both positively and negatively.
Jaime has been painting since she can remember, emerging professionally into the “Re-Modernism” scene in the early part of the decade. Optimistic is not a word usually associated with modern art. Jaime Foster appears to be a major frontrunner attempting to introduce the concept of fun back into the art world.


To meet the artist and see more of her amazing work and world
Join us on Saturday March 3rd
for the opening reception
6-8 pm
We are also featuring the wonderful artworks of 
Sarah Fitch
Sculptural works in clay

 White wolf
by Sarah Fitch
Red Ravens' resident artist Sarah Fitchs' work in clay centers around the flora and the fauna that surrounds us.  Carving pieces in ceramic clay and painting with different glazes and even glass, she embellishes natural forms with figures of horses,ravens,wolves,dragonflies and other creatures to create works of art that resonate with our animal selves.  Sarahs' love for animals shines through in her artwork and her daily life, and her pieces are at once whimsical and serious.  Come see Sarahs newest completed works on the walls of the Red Raven this weekend.  

  Raven Wall sculpture
by Sarah Fitch