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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Architecture of Nature Paintings by Celeste Robinette

The Red Raven Gallery is pleased to be featuring the lovely paintings of Celeste Robinette 
 for the Month of April! 
 Welcome in Spring warmth and growth and share the love with us
 at Gallery walk the night of April 7th 2012.

Celeste studied fine art and received a degree in architecture from the University of Texas, San Antonio. As a designer, she develops artful graphic elements and comprehensive wayfinding systems for large architecture projects. Inspired by color, pattern, organic forms and the proportional principles of architecture, Celeste's design and artwork express the intrinsic balance found within structure and nature.
Over the Rainbow

Also Featured During April

Established Port Townsend painter, Jacqie Chisick' work is well known in the Pacific Northwest.
 Her brush work is bold and her use of rich, luscious colours is always recognizable, 
her forms seem full of the very life around her.
A gathering of three
Jacqueline Chisick

Figurative pop painter Emily Krouse is a newcomer on the scene.  
Emily paints powerful women figures that challenge the viewer with their gaze.
Her figures are at once soft and strong and have an edgy appeal.
Waiting for you
by Emily Krouse