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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Decomposition of the Heart

"There is this man with a tree branch tied to his head. The branch flourishes and bares fruit and flowers. A bird lives in a nest within this tree branch. A serpent disguises himself as a bird wearing plumage to fool and distract the man. As the man gets close the serpent plunges into his mouth going down his throat and infesting his heart. The serpent sickens the man,corrupts him and soon, forces the bird that was once happy in the tree to fly away. This leaves the man sick and lonely. The man sets the tree on fire turning him and the serpent to ash in hopes of rebirth."

With this series, Scott Kirschner is working something out.. Using light, paint, graphite,charcoal and sweat, he is telling a story about love, mistakes and the demons we allow .

Red Raven Gallery is proud to showcase Philadelphia artist Scott Kirschner,
with an opening reception on Saturday July 5th from 5-8 pm
in the Undertown, 211 Taylor St. Port Townsend

Here is a sneak peek at two of the works from Scott's show.  The series is done in graphite,charcoal and gesso on board. 

As always after the show opens our online Shop will be updated with the new works available for sale. If you would like a preview please email Laurie at

charcoal,graphite and gesso on board
 a little about Scott....

Scott Kirschner was shaped and influenced by his earliest life experiences, with the loss of his Mother at the age of 3, then being diagnosed with A Plastic Anemia (Blood Cancer) at age 8 and watching his Father battle MS all his life. There was a somber thread that ran through Scotts most impressionable years. It was only natural that he become an artist and the sadness and isolation that surrounded Scott as a boy are now regurgitated into his imagery.
In 1991 he graduated with a Major in Illustration from Hussian School of Art in Philadelphia PA and went on to work as a freelance illustrator. Scott was one of the original 49 artists to work on the very popular card game MAGIC the Gathering creating approx. 43 cards. In the last couple years, Scott has been showing in galleries around the Country. “I like to use symbolism that I pull from my life experiences and create an image that will then hopefully make someone stop and wonder what the story is If I am lucky the viewer will find some way to relate to the image and feel emotion from my artwork”

Summer at Red Raven Gallery
New Artists and New works by the Old Vets.

We have the pleasure of welcoming our Newest artists into the Red Raven Roster of locals. James Nagel started with us just 2 short months ago and he is fitting in nicely.  This month we are pleased to announce a new sculptor, Esther Clark.  She works in clay and glass and creates fantasy sculptures and one of a kind glass beads and orbs. 
Jacqueline Chisick has been working on some new acrylic paintings and they are tricking in to the gallery as the varnish dries. Laurie McClave is steadily working on new studies in preparation for several shows at the end of summer. Jason Squire has just completed several photo shoots of our town and I hear there is a new Bell Tower image coming soon. Alicia Caruso has made some wonderful jewelry creations to go with her delicate water color and ink animals. Stop in and say hello to any of us, we like coffee.