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Monday, November 26, 2012

Red Raven Gallery Retrospective and Shannon Connor Castle's colorful goddesses

Red Raven is Ringing out the old and ushering the NEW YEAR

We at Red Raven would like to welcome Shannon Connor Castle as our Guest artist for the month of December. 

Shannon Connor Castle

Shannon Connor Castle is a lifetime artist with a unique talent and extraordinary vision.

From her beginnings as a commission artist, in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle, specializing in architectural custom glass carving and design, she has evolved into a multi-faceted artist of breathtaking scope and diversity.

Working in the physically challenging world of carved glass, Shannon Castle's sand-blast artistry creates breathtakingly detailed one of a kind three-dimensional large cold glass works that transcend common perceptions of the boundaries of the medium. That's just the beginning.

Once these glass works are created, she then adds color, gold leaf, and also creates hand rubbings on canvas of the carvings which then become original artworks on their own.  These final hand-made pieces are then photographed at high-resolution and printed using a Giclee process.  These prints are then mounted and displayed in a variety of formats that make these jaw-dropping designs financially accessible to a greater number of admirers.  Every piece is conceived, designed, created and finished by the hand of the artist. 
Mother and child
Shannon Connor Castle

Constantly innovating, and challenging the limits of the possible in the world of art glass, her originals include a realistic hand carved 2,000 pound replica of a 1958 Harley-Davidson Duo Glide, in addition to her more fanciful, magical surrealist works of mermaids, angels and goddesses.  The Motorcycle was featured in an article in Easyrider Magazine entitled "Glass-terpiece".  She has also created a series of Mandalas, derived from patterns found within her carvings, and stylized pond scenes that have been featured in the Robb Report.

Shannon Castle lives in Kirkland, Washington with her husband, and renowned violinist, Geoffrey Castle.  She won't tell you how old she is.  

Red Raven 1 Year Retrospective

Red Raven Gallery opened it's doors 1 year ago in September, so we thought it fitting to have a retrospective of it's members work.  Red Raven strives to be a gallery that dances on the edge and showcases new and upcoming talent monthly with a new guest as well as new work from it's members.....
Bringing in the new year will be Sarah Fitch our local sculptor and owner of the gallery with some amazingly detailed new ceramic pieces, including her fantastically unique and quite large horseheads and of course her infamous Royale Raven relief sculptures.  

Royale Raven 
by Sarah Fitch

We also will be showing the new works of painter, Laurie McClave who has been busy Creating some of her lovely ladies on small wood plaques, perfect for gift giving.  Laurie also has a large selection of her works in giclee prints, and she makes wearable art necklaces and now that we have a plastic bag ban, going to the co-op is much more fashionable with a canvas tote emblazoned with a Laurie McClave original.....

Riene d'abelle
'Bee Queen 
by Laurie McClave

Amy Weber's fantastic creatures in watercolor and ink are colorful additions to any art collection and she has made a myriad of sizes for all budgets.  Whimsical bots, crafty cats, and wise owls peer out at you from colorful canvases and jewelry for wrists, necks and ears.  She also has a full selection of refrigerator magnets, ornaments and bookmarks for everyone on your list.....

Fitzgerald among the poppies and ravens
by Amy Weber

Jason Starr Squire is in resident photographic artist and our newest member.... We welcome his eye for the interesting angle, and finding the fantastic in the daily Port Townsend life.  Many of you may know Jason as one of PT's renaissance men, dividing his time between writing and working at the Writers workshop and serving you delish delicacies at the Silverwater Cafe... 

Through the Salish sea with the moon
By Jason Starr Squire

Marisa Rinaldo has been a busy bee.. Her finely detailed pen and inks and mixed media works are a mix of steampunk and tattoo culture. Marisa spends her time between the gallery and working at the new Bistro in town while attending comic conventions and doing commissions for clients.  She has just added a line of Buttons with her artworks and soon to be magnets....

China Blossoms
By Marisa Rinaldo

Jacqueline Chisick is a well known and respected painter in our area for the last 3 decades.. She came here in the 80s from Arizona and has been painting her lovely figurative acrylics ever since.  For any of you unfamiliar with Jackies' iconic women portraits she has them hanging at Sirens pub and Alchemy bistro downtown.  Jackies textures and color palette are unrivaled....

The edge of the tree
by Jacqueline Chisick

Please join us for Artwalk this weekend December 1st from 5:30 to 8:30 at 922 Water st.  Meet all of the artists and learn about their creative process....