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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Port Townsend The Muse

Jason Starr Squire

This Month for Artwalk Red Raven Gallery is Featuring a Long time resident artist, writer and all around awesome guy... Many of you know who Jason Starr Squire is, if you have ever eaten at Silverwater Restaurant he has probably plied you with the delectable fare.. or if you are a writer or lover of novel and prose.. he can be found in the Writers workshop on Sundays.  Jason is our newest gallery member and we could not be more pleased...
He had an awakening four years ago as the result of an extreme sleep apnea diagnoses.  Like a page out of Rip Van Winkle, Jason woke up in the middle of his life and started asking questions: "Who am I? What am I doing? Where am I going?"  There were no answers, only a new found view of the world around him.  He started writing poetry, and taking photographs.

"My dreams at night are still elusive and fleeting. I manipulate my photographs to look like how I imagine they might appear in my dreams."

Braden Duncan

Red Raven is also proud to feature a guest artist from Seattle.. Braden Duncan.
She is  a portrait artist by trade, imperfect by choice, and a cog in the machine of human mythology by default. 

"I draw my inspiration from the peculiar minutiae of the human form, symbolism and mythology, the empty spaces left by missing friends, and the intricate elegance created by the convergence of biological and mechanical elements."

An alumnus of Cornish College of the Arts, Braden lives in Seattle, Washington with her chosen family and the animals of the Mongrel Circus.....

You can see all of the fine art of our two featured artists, talk with them and enjoy good company this coming saturday January 5th from 5:30 - 8:30 at the Red Raven Gallery artwalk...

Red Raven Gallery

922 Water st. 
Port Townsend,WA